I had written on the Hide-and-Seek game within the Train Graveyard scene where Tifa and Aerith are characterized as good friends. I was not part of the original FFVII fandom so it surprised me that most North American audiences considered Tifa and Aerith as rivals. Much of the recent “proof” of the love rivalry in Final Fantasy 7 Remake lay in this specific exchange in the same Train Graveyard section. Yet when comparing the Japanese and English versions, that “rivalry” does not quite hold out.

I’m going to compare each line of the conversation separately. The first line is the…

Having never played any FF game until FF7R, I was pretty surprised to learn how vitriolic fan wars were over Tifa vs. Aerith. Apparently, the love triangle between Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith has fed heated debate within Final Fantasy 7 fandom for over 20 years. In contrast, FF7R makes an effort to present Tifa and Aerith as friends. Nothing makes this clearer than the Train Graveyard scene — but those nuances get lost in English.

I spent hours playing the Final Fantasy VII Remake at the peak of the pandemic. At some point, I switched the language settings to the game’s original Japanese and discovered fascinating translation choices that completely changed my experience of the story.

For example, Reno’s Japanese speech patterns are noticeably, distinctly weird.

Reno has a habit of ending his sentences with “zo to” (ぞ と). It isn’t that unusual to give a character a signature verbal tic. Avalanche’s Wedge also ends all of his sentences with “su” (ス). Wedge’s “su” is something you might hear in real life from young Japanese…

Our computer and phone screens have gotten us through the pandemic. We have been able to go to school, work, see doctors, go shopping, entertain ourselves, and socialize (to some extent) through our devices. But spending so much time in front of a screen is also leading to major Zoom burnout. How do we get through the last few months of pandemic life when we are so burned out?

Burnout” is a state of feeling exhausted, empty, and unable to cope with chronic stress. …

A simple introduction to radians.

You may learn about radians for the first time in a trigonometry class. Simply, a radian is another way to measure an angle instead of using degrees. You are merely switching the unit of measurement. It is like measuring your height in centimeters instead of inches.

This simple introduction will explain what radians are and how to calculate them. We don’t use radians in our everyday lives but you don’t need to feel intimidated by this unit of measurement.

Let’s begin with the basic parts of a circle:

An arc can refer to a full circle, a portion of a…

My friend’s first-grade child was recently denied an IEP because he has grade-level academics. His severe ADHD results in frequent classroom outbursts, hours in the principal’s office, learning delays, anxiety-driven school refusal, low self-esteem, and excessive hours of tutoring but school staff said he could not qualify unless he was failing academically. The law states otherwise.

A bright student can still qualify for an IEP if their disability hurts their educational performance.

Denying an IEP based solely on school grades may be the most common misunderstanding of special education eligibility. IDEA (the Federal law that outlines special education) clearly states that a student does NOT need to be academically behind to qualify for an IEP.

IDEA Sec. 300.101(c) (1) notes:


Biology is the field of science that studies life itself. While biology is fascinating and fun, studying life as we know it is no easy feat. From classifying kingdoms of living things or understanding cell meiosis or community ecosystems, biology students have a wide range of sub-topics to cover.

If you find yourself struggling in Bio class, it is time to step back and come up with a game plan. UPchieve spoke with high school science teacher, Ms. Rachel Har. Ms. Har has taught Biology, Earth Science, Geophysical Science, Consumer Chemistry, and Life Science. …

We know that sleep is important for learning. But what happens when all-day Zooming, household chores, commuting, and work crowd out time for sleep AND studying? We need to know the best way to learn as much as possible, in the least amount of time, and with minimal stress.

Thanks to memory scientists, we have an answer: spaced repetition.

UPchieve has written about spaced repetition before. In this post, we’ll cover the topic in more depth in three sections:

  1. What is spaced repetition?
  2. Why is spaced repetition the best way to study?
  3. How can I improve my own study methods?
A female student is looking at her phone screen. Her friend sits beside her and looks over her shoulder.
A female student is looking at her phone screen. Her friend sits beside her and looks over her shoulder.

What is “spaced repetition”?

Daylight savings time begins next week on March 14, 2021. We’ll say goodbye to dark winter days….and one precious hour of sleep. Exhausted students may find themselves revisiting the familiar debate: is it better to stay up to study more or sleep?

A student sleeps in the grass with a textbook folded over her face.
A student sleeps in the grass with a textbook folded over her face.

Losing an hour of sleep might not seem like a big deal to our current generation of busy teenagers. Between classes, homework, college prep, family responsibilities, part-time jobs, sports, and me-time…what is an hour when you feel like you barely sleep anyway? At the same time, deciding if and how to study when exhausted is an ongoing struggle…

You may be one of the thousands of students that will be taking the SAT exam on March 13. Congratulations on making it this far! It has been a bumpy road to the testing room. Months of COVID-era test delays, location changes, and interrupted study plans were stressful. After all this uncertainty, some students may worry that they won’t show their best ability on test day. Some might wonder if the SAT is even necessary. After all, so many colleges went test-optional or test blind for applications.

Will the SAT changes will affect your future college chances? It may have…

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